You are bigger than a wireframe

Posted on Feb 26, 2012

“I’m convinced that UX designers don’t understand how much value they truly have. While we’ve solved countless interaction design challenges, advanced the usability and engagement of ecommerce and are working to create experiences that adapt to device and context, we have even more untapped, raw potential. Over my career, I’ve seen our profession completely change businesses and non-profits, by bringing clarity, by creating structure and possibility. Our unique ability to actively listen, empathize, connect the disparate and visualize holistic solutions make this happen – why not apply these super powers for good?

Jeff and I arrived at the concept for UX for Good over a beer while standing around the copier (seriously). The concept was the intersection of the work of the Insight Labs and a belief that the UX discipline could be used to tackle social challenges. Our first event last year was more than just a happy accident – it proved new value for the UX profession and invigorated the non-profits with a fresh approach. With each UX for Good event, we’re evolving directly based on what we learn from our participants, partners and most importantly, supporting non-profits. When we gather in May in New Orleans, we’ll continue that evolution, working with the best UX designers in the field today, a non-profit intimately familiar with the challenges musicians face and a city rich with heritage and pride. We’re bound to spark new ideas and solutions using our UX talent, and yet, that doesn’t shock me. I’ve always known UX designers to be bigger than a wireframe.”

-Jason Ulaszek, UX for Good co-founder