17 April 2014

Kickstarter: 14 Days to Go

How do you get people to support an audacious project like this? You get a bunch of crazy-smart people who are willing to try by doing and you just start. We’ve got a handful of amazing people volunteering their time, getting the word out through email,Facebook, Twitter, along with many MANY phone calls. We have 14 days […]

10 April 2014

Questions about the 2014 Challenge

People ask me what is the end result and output of the 2014 Challenge. In plain language, insights, concepts and a plan of action to make things real. The designers traveling to Kigali and London will work through a discovery process to research and understand and the problem. Then they will collaborate on solutions, generating and […]

2 April 2014

Kickstarter Day 1: Launch

This morning, we launched a kickstarter campaign to fund our 2014 challenge:2014 Kigali & London taking place June 1st-7th in Kigali, Rwanda and London, UK. UX for Good has charted a journey to use design to convert the profound feelings we experience at genocide memorials into action. We acknowledge and embrace the audaciousness of this challenge. It is […]

31 March 2014

Rwanda Remembers

On April 7, 2014, Rwanda will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the horrific 1994 genocide that killed up to one million men, women and children in the short span of 100 days. It’s a day that Rwandans will remember family members and friends who were lost. It’s also a poignant time to […]

12 March 2014

Scaling heroism

I was stalling. For a month, maybe more, I had been actively avoiding a most unpleasant assignment: researching the genocide that occurred in Rwanda in 1994. As director of media and publishing for Insight Labs, UX for Good’s partner in the Annual Challenge, I am tasked with, among other duties, documenting the work we’ll be […]

10 March 2014

All hands on deck

UX for Good is seeking two volunteers to help us actuate our 2014 Annual Challenge in Kigali and London – our most ambitious challenge ever. The volunteers will accomplish key tasks in the United States before the UX for Good team leaves for Africa. We are seeking an experienced researcher to help us track down […]

6 March 2014

Let the UX times roll

UX for Good’s 2012 Annual Challenge was coming up with new ways to support the musical economy of New Orleans. One of our partners was NOLA’s Jazz and Heritage Foundation. Here’s what Scott Aiges, their director of programs, had to say about the event: “We were thrilled to have UX for Good in New Orleans. […]

27 February 2014

Concepts from UX for Good come to life in Chicago

At the first UX for Good Annual Challenge in 2011, designers from around the United States developed concepts in partnership with five nonprofits in Chicago. One idea developed at that session is now helping with the struggles of homeless people throughout the city. StreetWise is a magazine that is produced and sold by Chicago’s homeless. […]

26 February 2014

Planning for Kigali is Underway

The schedule for our research in Kigali is coming together. In our three days in the Rwandan capital, we will visit the Kigali Genocide Memorial Exhibition and other genocide memorials in Kigali and Bugesera. We will meet with government officials – in the Office of the Rwandan President and the National Commission for Fight Against […]

25 February 2014

E-Resources and Libraries UX Day 2014 – Exercising UX for Libraries and Social Impact

Founders Jeff Leitner and Jason Ulaszek will head to Austin, Texas for the Electronics Resources and Libraries conference on March 18th, 2014. As part of the conference’s first ever “UX Day,” the librarians and information specialists at the conference will learn key concepts from user-experience design to help them better serve patrons. Leitner and Ulaszek […]