3 June 2014


In the course of our work in Rwanda, several designers are sharing their thoughts on our experience together. Here’s what Sue Ngo had to say.  Even though it is my last night in Kigali, I am awake at 3:42AM still not adjusted to the time difference. Five days ago I flew 18 hours from NYC […]

2 June 2014


In the course of our journey to Rwanda, designer Laurel Hechanova of Findery stopped to capture some of her thoughts and feelings. This piece was originally published on the Findery site here. 1. Impostor Syndrome on Malarone The group of us sat around a long row of tables on the back patio. We’d each finished […]

2 June 2014

Powerless in Rwanda

Zak Orner is a part of our design team currently at work in Rwanda. He shared these recent thoughts with us. It’s 4:37 AM, and I am powerless in Rwanda. The streetlights are out. There is no internet. The hotel is silent. In Chicago the Blackhawks are playing a game 7 to advance to the […]

31 May 2014

Crossing into the dark

Over the course of our journey, we’ll be publishing the thoughts and feelings of our team as they live out the design process. Here’s a piece by Matt Franks of the Austin Center for Design. At AC4D, we are the evangelicals of ambiguity.  Time and time again I’ve pushed people out the doors of the […]

29 May 2014

A new context

UX designer Stacey Harbin of Manifest Digital will be a part of our team headed to Kigali and London. She answered some of our questions by e-mail ahead of the Annual Challenge. What experiences from your career as a designer seem most relevant for the project we’re taking on together? At this point, it’s hard to […]

27 May 2014

Serving as a catalyst

In this year’s Annual Challenge, we’ll approach a problem more complex than any we’ve ever tackled before. Crain’s Chicago Business asked our co-founders Jeff Leitner and Jason Ulaszek how they wrap their heads around the scope of what we’re trying to do. Here’s what they had to say. Jeff Leitner: “We have a sort of general […]

27 May 2014

Shades of gray

As part of the UX for Good Annual Challenge in Kigali and London, we’ll be joined by Matt Franks of the Austin Center for Design. He answered a few questions via e-mail about the work ahead of us. What would you like the team you’ll be working with to know about you? I wake up […]

27 May 2014

Once in a lifetime

Patrick DiMichele of Manifest Digital will once again be joining us for a UX for Good Annual Challenge. He shared his thoughts about our upcoming work together over e-mail. What are you most excited about in the next few weeks? First off, I’m humbled to be involved. The ambition of what we’ve set out to […]

27 May 2014

Total immersion

Roberta Tassi of the international design group frog will join us for the UX for Good 2014 Annual Challenge. Here are some of her thoughts on the project. What are you most excited about in the next few weeks? I know there is going to be a moment in which we will feel individually too […]

23 May 2014

Mind the gap

Our message to our designers ahead of the 2014 Annual Challenge in Kigali and London: Over the next two weeks, we are going to go through some profound experiences together. We will visit countries we’ve never seen before. We’ll hear stories of personal tragedy and triumph, of redemption and reconciliation. And we’ll be reckoning with […]