The world needs UX

Posted on Feb 26, 2012

“There are plenty of us cobbling together big ideas to save the world and plenty more doing the hard, day-to-day work of making those ideas real. But there’s a gap between insight and action, between intent and improved conditions. I believe UX – user experience design for you newcomers to the conversation – is both perfectly suited and perhaps essential to bridge that gap.

Before about 18 months ago, I hadn’t heard of UX or thought much about the need for it. But now that I have, I can’t imagine mapping out a complex system, constructing an intricate solution without that wonderful alchemy of anthropology, technology, design and – in my experience – absence of ego. I’m not a UX designer and have no ulterior motive for promoting the field. I’ve just seen first-hand, over and over, how much smarter and more effective I am when UX designers get involved. I wish that for all of us looking to do good.

Jason and I launched UX for Good to give user experiences a seat at the table, to ensure they understand how useful they are and to raise the bar on the UX profession. In January 2011, we took our first baby steps. This May, we’re looking to untangle a serious challenge that other disciplines can’t and to help thousands and thousands of artists and their families.”

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