Putting the you in UX for Good

Posted on Jul 12, 2012

I know definitively that UX designers don’t know how powerful they are. Having just wrapped our second UX for Good event, I have worked alongside some of the most talented UX designers in the country – and even they didn’t know the value they bring to every challenge, including the most intractable social challenges. We don’t appreciate our unique ability to actively listen, empathize, connect the disparate and visualize holistic solutions.

In New Orleans, we sketched out powerful and transformative ideas in only a few days. Now comes time to make those ideas real. Together with our rock star designers, we will be lining up more designers, technologists, entrepreneurs and foundations to help bring these ideas to life and to begin improving the lives of musicians and their families in New Orleans. If you’d like to be part of this effort – breathing life into the ideas we developed in New Orleans – please contact me and tell me how.google статистика поисковых запросовчехол для кистей для макияжасамые хорошие сковородкидетский мир каталогавтокредит в центр инвест рассчитатькредит с 19 лет мужчинамкредиты молодым семьям