Partnering with UX for Good

Posted on Feb 26, 2012

“Music is not just important to New Orleans – it is deeply integrated into the economy, culture, and identity of the city and its people.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, there was no way to help New Orleans recover without understanding this. That’s why MusiCares – a non-profit initiative of the GRAMMYs – established a special $1 million fund to bring relief to the musicians of the New Orleans area just days after the storm struck.

But MusiCares also understands that support is not enough. To effect sustainable change, an improved understanding of the region’s musical ecology is also needed. Many musicians and music lovers long for the New Orleans that existed before 2005. But it would be impossible to go back to that time even if there had never been a hurricane – the ways that people make, enjoy, buy, share, and talk about music are simply changing too fast.

MusiCares desires to provide a safety net for musicians that will endure through all these changes. Toward that end, they’ve signed on as a sponsor of UX for Good in May 2012 in New Orleans. Top user-experience designers from around the world will gather there to develop a new understanding of music in the digital world. Then they’ll build solutions to make the systems that sustain music more sustainable for all who benefit from them.

User-experience designers specialize in making technological systems more human, so they are eager to experiment with an experience all humans enjoy – music. MusiCares can’t wait to jam with them.”

-Scott Goldman, VP for MusiCares at the GRAMMY Foundation, partner in our 2012 Annual Challenge