UX for Good

UX for Good is an effort to push design as far as it can go: past forms, interactions and experiences to complex human systems, and beyond attractive, effective and elegant to deeply impactful. UX for Good is out to set the edge, so non-practitioners can see the full potential of design and practitioners can do the most meaningful work of their careers.

The centerpiece of UX for Good is the Annual Challenge, launched in 2011 by Jason Ulaszek and Jeff Leitner. Each year, a handful of top user experience designers from around the world are brought together to conceptualize and develop novel interventions that help solve complex, social challenges.

Beginning in 2014, UX for Good will expand to include public workshops, a service design practice and an incubator, in which interventions conceptualized during annual challenges can be more fully developed and brought to market.

Insight Labs

Insight Labs is a charitable foundation that assists in the development of novel solutions to complex, social challenges. In addition to staging the UX for Good Annual Challenge, Insight Labs has provided innovation support to U.S. Department of State, Community of Democracies, Harvard Medical School, National Endowment for the Arts and more than 50 other government agencies, NGOs and non-profit institutions since 2010.продвижение сайта в поисковых системах ценасоциальные сети продвижениедешевые туры на майские праздники 2014купить ноутбук в интернет магазине недорогоэкспресс кредит иркутскмотоблоки в кредиткукуруза кредит отзывы