2 August 2011

UX for Good’s spirit of innovation captured in Adler School video

As UX for Good founders Jeff Leitner and Jason Ulaszek prepared our first annual challenge, they carefully considered what physical environment might best stimulate the creativity of the user experience designers who were coming from around the world. “We needed an amazing place to have this event,” said Trung Le, principal at Cannon Design, a UX […]

6 February 2011

Giving back in a new way

“It’s important from a civic-duty perspective for us all to participate and ‘give back’ to the community in our own ways … today, one way I can give back is through design.” That’s Brynn Evans, a designer who participated in UX for Good annual challenges in 2011 and 2012. Read all of her thoughts about […]

6 February 2011

Getting the right perspective

“In any organization, nonprofits included, often people involved get so close to a set of problems they lose the ability to see things from an outside perspective. UX designers have training and experience in applied behavioral and motivational psychology and can offer perspective to help cause-focused groups achieve their aims. UX4Good is pioneering the notion […]

29 January 2011

Guess the client

A snippet from our 2011 annual challenge: There’s a major client meeting going on at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. User experience consultants from major companies like Groupon, OfficeMax, Sears, Allstate, and Cars.com are there. As well as hot digital properties like Manifest Digital, Centralis, and KeyLimeTie. Who is this mysterious client who calls […]

29 January 2011

Getting to the user

During our 2011 event, one team was assigned to work with StreetWise, a publication produced and sold by the homeless in Chicago. The team wanted more copies of the magazine to put together their presentation. The organization’s executive director, Jim LoBianco, said he knew where he could get some — within ten minutes he found […]

28 January 2011

Challenge #2 – Urban Violence

Stopping Urban Violence in partnership with CeaseFire Illinois Challenge Overview Each day when we watch the news we’re assaulted with stories of shooting and killing. The flashing lights of police cars illuminate mothers weeping over the bodies of their dead sons and daughters. Most of us feel powerless to help reverse the epidemic of violence that plagues […]

28 January 2011

Challenge #3 – Public Education

Fixing Public Education in partnership with The Third Teacher Challenge Overview Our children have become “schooling disabled” in a learning abundant world. Our factory model of education is incapable of igniting and nurturing the intellectual energy and inventive genius of our children toward creating a better future. Learning is not a spectator sport; it is […]

28 January 2011

Challenge #5 – Cross-Cultural Understanding

Cross-Cultural Understanding in partnership with the Global Lives Project Challenge Overview The world is shrinking faster than empathy is growing. While it has become easier for people around the world to connect both on and offline, significant gaps in empathy and compassion remain. Despite all the technology and ability to reach out to one another […]

28 January 2011

Challenge #1 – Unemployment

Fighting Unemployment in partnership with Streetwise, Inc. Challenge Overview Every day a growing number of individuals are affected by a shrinking economy.Without access to earned income, these individuals risk falling into homelessness. Many of these people need to find jobs right now but lack the skills to do so. These individuals are at risk; having […]

28 January 2011

Challenge #4 – Community Mental Health

Community Mental Health in partnership with the Adler School of Professional Psychology Challenge Overview Professional psychologists have a lot more to offer than treating individual neuroses and leading group therapy. As a global community, we’d be healthier if access to the tools of their trade were much more widely available. The problem is that therapy, […]